General Workshops

General Workshops

Keynote – General Symposium – Our Ohio Youth
Presenters:  Leigh, Em, Christian and Bryce



How to Successfully Add Trans Health Benefits to an Employer’s Group Health Plan
Presenter(s): Paula Ison
You too can be a “change agent” by providing your employer’s HR department with the appropriate data and business case for adding Transgender Health Benefits to your employer’s group health plan. It’s easier than you think!

Invisible No More – Transitioning as a Senior Citizen
Presenter(s): Cyrsti Hart & Elizabeth Trumble
Invisible No More-Transitioning as a Senior Citizen will be presented for the third consecutive year by 65 year old trans woman Cyrsti Hart. In the past this workshop has been well attended by spouses and/or partners. In fact my genetic female partner Liz Trumble will be with me again this year for questions. This year’s workshop will be an interactive session, so bring your questions.  We will also look at what is going on in the world these days including passing privilege, and the impending issues of health care for senior transgender persons. A fast paced session jam packed with ideas!

Integrating Transgender Competencies into Counseling Practice
Presenter(s): Logan Lamprecht, Brie Miller, and Lauren Davis
This workshop will support attendees with understanding meaningful ways to apply the ACA Competencies for Transgender Clients in the practice of psychotherapy with adolescent and adult clients who identify as Transgender.  Multiple client issues will be discussed and case examples will be provided to help participants discover useful strategies that can enhance Transgender-competent practice from a multitude of levels, including individual, family, and community (advocacy) practice.  Workshop participants should be prepared to learn, share, and have fun.

Poetry Slam
Facilitator: Aran Reinhart
Are you a poet or song writer?  Do you enjoy poetry or songs?  Then this might be the thing for you to do.  Bring a poem or song to share (it doesn’t have to be your own) and then share it.  It’s as simple as that.  Last year’s poetry slam was a tremendous success, so we decided to bring it back this year.

Running a Peer Support Group for Trans* Adults: Successes and Challenges
Presenter(s): Carrie Chandler, M.D. & Jalen Hutchinson, Ph.D.
This workshop will be an interactive discussion of factors that are important in the creation and maintenance of safe and successful peer support groups for trans* individuals.  The co-facilitators had successes but also made mistakes while creating and running such a group. That group did not gather momentum, and this led to a process of consultation, mentoring and study that the facilitators will share. Attendees will also receive printed guides based on this. Participants will share their own positive and negative experiences as either leaders or members of prior or current support groups. This discussion will illuminate positive ways to meet the needs of trans* adults who could benefit from the fellowship, support and advice of their peers who are in different stages of their own journeys, as well as how to address the challenges that may be faced.

Trans* Health and the Affordable Care Act
Presenter(s): Julia Applegate
This workshop will explain the implications of the Affordable Care Act and Expanded Medicaid for the trans* community. We will explain both health care programs and the benefits and exclusions of both for transgender patients. Because Ohio is not a state that bans exclusions for sex reassignment surgery, we will take action and call health care providers to file complaints. This workshop is designed to encourage direct action against these exclusionary policies.

Technology and Transgender
Presenter(s): Brad Henry & Lou Weaver
Virtual Transgender Agents.  The development of a tool allowing individuals to interact with a virtual avatar using artificial intelligence has received mixed reaction.  We will explore and engage in an open dialogue and presentation to explore the topic.

Bisexual & Pansexual Caucus
Facilitator: Aran Reinhart
Do you feel invisible as a bisexual or pansexual person?  Are you tired of being people telling you that you don’t exist or that it’s just a phase or whatever other ridiculous lie?  Then come & share your experiences of being bi or pan in a safe space. We will discuss what it means to be bi or pan and then share our own experiences.

In and Out of the Bedroom: Supporting Your Trans/cis Relationship through Transition and Beyond, Including a Journey into Polyamory
Presenter(s): Kasha Planck & Ramona Jillian Peel
Have you ever wanted to hear the details about how a positive and successful relationship works? This session will be presented by Ramona and Kasha, a trans woman and cis woman, who have been in a relationship since 2011. The session is from their personal perspective and will include the opportunity for the attendees to ask questions throughout.

What (Not?) to Say and When (Not?) to Say It
Presenter(s): Rex Butt
“I love my kid, but how do I show her support when I really want to ring her neck?” “Mom and Dad say they love me, but they can’t even listen to me.” Sound familiar? Open and supportive communication can be a challenge for any family. Mix in the tensions, frustrations, and worries that come with having a transgender child, and we have a formula for a defensive climate that can slam doors and minds shut. Join me for a exploration of simple approaches that open doors, minds and hearts. Com learn strategies to help your family confront your problems rather than each other.

Telling Family and Friends
Presenter(s): Ellen Siegel
At any point in your process you are faced with who tell and when.  You are already under a lot of stress and really need supportive people around you. You want the support and encouragement of people who you love.  How will I handle my loved ones who freak out?  I love my partner and they no longer want me.  What about telling people at work?  How will my career reputation be affected? There are self-caring ways to enter and manage these conversations. It’s also wise to learn how to back out gracefully when things South. Join us to learn soothing ways to protect your inner self and your integrity while sharing your truth.

Keeping Focused on Your Path
Presenter(s): Ellen Siegel
There are so many outside influences that can chip away at your resolve. Join us for a discussion to enhance your confidence and ability to stay focused while dealing with outside influences such as discouraging comments, well-meaning yet ignorant friends, encountering roadblocks in finding the right services, and generally taking care of yourself (tiredness, stress, frustration.)

Integrating Transgender Health into Everyday Primary Care
Presenter(s): Dr. Henry Ng
This session will explore ways in which health professionals in primary care settings can better meet the health needs of their Trans* patients.  The presentation will cover recommendations to improving communication with gender non-conforming, gender-fluid, and Trans* people, environmental scanning, inclusive intake forms, use of the electronic medical record, informed consent models, hormonal care guidelines and best practices, and the approach to the care of gender non-conforming/gender fluid/transgender youth.

Chocolate Meditation
Presenter(s): Kat Holtz
Do you love chocolate?  The luscious, smooth, delicious kind?  Do you have a stressful life? Do you need a way to have a small relaxing escape? Learn a calming Chocolate Meditation process that will also teach you the proper chocolate tasting techniques.  We will meditate with a variety of good chocolate types. We will compare them to common chocolate.  We will luxuriate in the calming and sensual properties that only chocolate can provide.  We will learn what we like and share what we discover.  We will have fun consuming and discussing the best things you will put in your mouth this weekend!  Vegan, nut-free, and gluten free chocolate will be available as most fine chocolate is all of these.

Bacon & Tomato: Lettuce Work Together – Bi+ and Trans* Allies Combating Binaries
Presenter(s): Cate Stock, Kelly Francone, Shawn Copeland
Discuss the history of bi+ and trans* activism; Language and gender binary – both bi and trans identities challenge binaries; Bi+ and Trans* erasure by organizations and what to do about it; Help attendees develop action items to call out binary-reinforcing language and create strategies to support Bi+ and Trans* folks.

Self Defense
Presenter(s):  Lauren McDade

CPR & First Aid
Presenter(s): Tyson & Olivia Crenshaw

Trans Youth Panel
Facilitator(s): Coming soon!

Transwomen: Bridges and Gaps to the Lesbian Community
Presenter(s): Melissa Alexander

Dealing with Bullying
Presenter(s): Coming soon!

Youth Lead Art
Presenter(s): Coming soon!

Caucus info coming soon:

  • POC Caucus
  • Trans-masculine Caucus
  • Trans-feminine Caucus
  • Youth Caucus
  • Partner/Spouse Caucus
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