Provider’s Day

Provider’s Day – Workshops


In collaboration with the National Association of Social Workers – Ohio chapter, we’ll be able to provide a total of 9 CEU’s (5 at Provider’s Day and an additional 4 for Saturday workshops – names of these workshops CEUs are applicable for coming soon).

Keynote – Provider’s Day – Zachary Healy

Trans Patient Panel
Facilitator: Shane Morgan

Conversion Therapy Workgroup Discussion
Facilitator: Shane Morgan

Trans Youth Panel
Facilitator(s): Coming soon!

Transgender Homelessness
Presenter(s): Coming soon!

Integrating Transgender Competencies into Counseling Practice
Presenter(s): Logan Lamprecht, Brie Miller, and Lauren Davis
This workshop will support attendees with understanding meaningful ways to apply the ACA Competencies for Transgender Clients in the practice of psychotherapy with adolescent and adult clients who identify as Transgender.  Multiple client issues will be discussed and case examples will be provided to help participants discover useful strategies that can enhance Transgender-competent practice from a multitude of levels, including individual, family, and community (advocacy) practice.  Workshop participants should be prepared to learn, share, and have fun.

How to Successfully Add Trans Health Benefits to an Employer’s Group Health Plan
Presenter(s): Paula Ison
You too can be a “change agent” by providing your employer’s HR department with the appropriate data and business case for adding Transgender Health Benefits to your employer’s group health plan. It’s easier than you think!

Issues Particular to the Transgender Experience
Presenter(s): Ellen Siegel
This session examines the specific nature of what a transperson concerns themselves with on daily basis.  You will very quickly understand the kind of support a person in this situation needs.  You will acquire knowledge and appreciation of the many issues that are essential to address.  We will cover some ordinary issues that become extraordinary for people who are transgender.  The ordinary issues are:  valuing one’s self, desiring respect from others, dealing with a dysfunctional family, breaking free of addictions (if any), seeking the companionship of others (friends and more intimate partners), gainful employment, creative endeavors, socializing, and recreation.

Chocolate Meditation
Presenter(s): Kat Holtz
Do you love chocolate?  The luscious, smooth, delicious kind?  Do you have a stressful life? Do you need a way to have a small relaxing escape? Learn a calming Chocolate Meditation process that will also teach you the proper chocolate tasting techniques.  We will meditate with a variety of good chocolate types. We will compare them to common chocolate.  We will luxuriate in the calming and sensual properties that only chocolate can provide.  We will learn what we like and share what we discover.  We will have fun consuming and discussing the best things you will put in your mouth this weekend!  Vegan, nut-free, and gluten free chocolate will be available as most fine chocolate is all of these.

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